“Another form of madness is hiding the face of your partner that we didn’t ask you to post” – Kingsley Okonkwo slam those who hide their partners

Nigerian clergyman Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has shaked tables as he addresses those celebrities who hide their partners’ faces.

It has become a norm among some celebrities like Ruth Kadiri, Sharon Ooja, and others to keep the identity of their partners private, while still showing him off to the public. Addressing them via his Instagram page, he asserted that it is madness for someone to hide their partner’s face on social media, especially when social media users never compelled them to post their partners in the first place.

“Another form of madness is hiding the face of your partner that we didn’t ask you to post.”

See some reactions below,

One I Am D Bull wrote, “Honestly if the partner is really good looking they will want to show him off

One Zucchy Nedu wrote, “Insecurities make them hide their partners. Nothing you gon tell me

One Glohan Official wrote, “He is right, why posting your partner? If his or her face can’t be seen

One I Am Super Natural Factor wrote, “A very rare and uncommon form of ment

One Spotlight Media Tech wrote, “And hiding the faces of children we didn’t ask for

One Nene George wrote, “They only hide their faces because they’re married men. Posting and hiding the face of a married man that has a whole family at home is another level of ment

One Ksolo Hitz wrote, “Serious madness o and dem go post am to pepper their fellow woman

One Realtasac Logistics wrote, “Most of them are posting people husbands

One I Am Sam wrote, “Some female celebrities don collect stray bullets”.

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