Annie Idibia’s Reply To “Sex Positions That Christian Couples will Go To Hell For”

Annia idibia

Annie Idibia, Nollywood actress from Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria is married to Innocent Idibia, famous Nigerian Music artist who is known worldwide as 2Face/Tu face.

They’re blessed with beautiful daughters. These couple are just adorable on social media…

The Nollywood Actress has featured in so many Nollywood movies both home videos and cinema movies.

2Face/Tu Face, Innocent Idibia who sang “African Queen” some years ago.

So today on Instagram, the Nollywood Actress, Annie Idibia, puts up a post on her Instagram story replying to a post made by someone else: “OMG CHAI!!! Pls oga feel free to go to ur heaven alone oooo 😂”

This is a reply to a post someone made “warning to married Christians.

Any Christian Couple having different SEX positions… Will all end up in hell…”

He went ahead to provide and backup his points with Bible Scriptures “Romans 1:23-24”

He says it’s just the missionary style that’d qualify a Christian Couple for Heaven.

He went ahead to say what it symbolises if a Christian married woman is found on top of her Christian husband. So the Nollywood actress, replied on her story asking him to go to his heaven alone.

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