Angry wife takes revenge on her unfaithful husband by scribbling displeasing messages all over his pick-up with magic marker


Thai social media users are widely sharing photos that an angry Thai wife posted on Facebook of her husband’s car.

Using a magic marker, the woman identified as Wachiraporn suksawat on Facebook, wrote lots of angry messages in the Thai language. She also set his clothes on fire.

The pick-up also contained the message: “You f***ing water monitor” and “I let you go out and you behave like a water monitor”.

The Thai word for the water monitor (hia) is a strong swear word, according to local media, Sanook.

The wife also stated that her husband had admitted taking another woman into the marital home.

The man in question denied everything with the wife retorting that she had GPS and picture evidence.

Facebook users took to the comment section of the post to beg the wife to forgive and husband and be calm about the situation.