Angry ex-boyfriend storms bride’s wedding venue with hired thugs, scatters wedding ceremony


What really went wrong, no one can tell. Could it be the that the lady jilted the guy for a rich guy ? Could she have done something worse to the guy in the past ?

Is the guy being jealous ? Is it the handiwork of the devil ? Did the lady played smart after the ex-boyfriend has spent a lot on her ?

These are few of the questions on the lips of guests who attended a marriage ceremony few days ago in a town in Oyo state, as bride’s ex-boyfriend hired thugs to distrupts the wedding ceremony.

According to reports, the ceremony abruptly came to an end, as people scamper for safety after sighting boys with matches and other dangerous weapons.

Everyone at the scene of the incident, was left dumbfounded as they lament about the ugly incident. Many people said the guy acted childish with his actions while others blamed the bride for dumping her ex for another man

Is the guy’s actions justified ? Should guys treat ladies who do “chop & run” this way ?