And Nadia Buari blesses us with a stunning photo – Calls it butter cake


The world has changed and completely turned a burden on us as we can barely do what we please or go about our normal life!

COVID-19 global crisis has brought the world to a standstill as many countries have locked down.

But we can only hope that one day we will wake up and this will be no more and we can all resume working happily.

Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has shared this worthy advice as we go through this trying times.

‘One day you’ll wake up and all of a sudden, the weight of the last few weeks, months or even years, will be lifted off ur shoulders. You cant control when that day comes, all u can do is stay strong and trust that it is coming!🙏🏼
Morning buttercakes.’

The actress captioned this refreshing photo which she calls butter cake!

See photo below;