AMVCA2020: Why Reminisce Deserves An Award


Rapper Reminisce as joined fellow rapper Falz to get nominated for an AMVCA.

Remilekun Safaru popularly called Reminisce got nominated for the 2020 edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) for his role in Kemi Adetiba’s 2018 flick ‘King of Boys’.

He got nominated for his role as Makanaki, a gangster plotting to overthrow Alhaja Eniola played by Sola Sobowale from her position as the ‘king’ of the underworld.

He earned a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor in a Movie category and will compete in this category with Nollywood veterans Richard Mofe Damijo (Seven), Ramsey Nouah (Living In Bondage), Nkem Owoh (God Calling) and Kenyan actor, Pascal Tokodi (Disconnect).

As early as 2016, Nollywood ‘new face’, Sambasa Nzeribe, sprung a back to back surprise at the AMVCA’s after winning Best Supporting Actor for his role as a villain in ‘A Soldier’s Story’ and then won Best Actor the next year for ‘Slow Country’, where he was also the ‘bad guy.’
He was in contention for the Best Actor role against the more established actors like Richard Mofe Damijo, Ramsey Nouah and Olu Jacobs, yet he won.

Even though ‘King Of Boys’ came out two years ago, unlike Seven and Living In Bondage which both came out in 2019, Reminisce’s character in King Of Boys is unforgettable, so there is a strong chance that history will repeat itself.

Reminisce’s character like Michael B.

Jordan’s Killmonger in the ‘Black Panther’ movie is one you cannot hate. Makanaki, like Killmonger, is a logical villain who simply knows what he wants.

He is an underboss who wants to overthrow his boss to become the new ‘King of boys’.

Reminisce as Makanaki was impressive, and will be getting calls from casting directors after they watched his performance.

The rapper can interpret the many layers of Makaniaki’s character, he is an underboss, a thug, a man ready to sell his soul to the devil just to deal with Sola Sobowale’s character to take over as the leader of the underworld.

Reminisce could be a ‘Sambasa Nzeribe’ and win his first AMVCA against people like Richard Mofe Damijo (Seven), Ramsey Nouah (Living In Bondage) and Nkem Owoh (God Calling) who have been in Nollywood while Reminisce was still in secondary school.

It will be a surprise if the only Kenyan in this category, Pascal Tokodi (Disconnect) wins it.

Even though Reminisce did not win this category at the 2019 Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA), AMVCA presents the rapper turned actor, a second chance.

Falz who won the AMVCA in 2016 for his role in ‘Jenifa Diary’ and in 2018 for his role in ‘New Money’ has gone on to a successful career in Nollywood, and stars in one of the highest-grossing movies ever in Nollywood, ‘Merry Men’.

If Reminisce successfully pulls off a ‘Sambasa Nzeribe’, I do not know if he would prostrate on stage to acknowledge his ‘seniors’ like Sambasa Nzeribe did after he won.

One thing is for sure, winning an AMVCA award would open new doors into Nollywood for the rapper, and the opportunity to strike gold in the movie industry.