Amazing Rappers with No Grammy Awards


Over the years the music industry has seen rise to a great number of greats especially in the rap genre.

We’ve had those who heard the game right from time and brought about revolution both in the rap game and society.

That’s why it might come as a surprise to you when you see this list of rappers that have not actually won what is considered to be the most prestigious music award festival.

Notorious BIG – 4


2Pac – 6 Nominations

Nas – 13 Nominations

J. Cole – 11 Nominations

DMX – 3 Nominations

Snoop Dogg – 16 Nominations

Busta Rhymes – 12 Nominations

Nicki Minaj – 10 Nominations

ATCQ – 4 Nominations

Ice Cube – 0 Nominations

Rather strange isn’t it but it’s actually true and it’s only speculations that are in place if J. Cole might break the Circle.