Amazing Facts To Know About Waist Beads


Women are lovers of Jewelry right from time. Some women are not so much into Jewelry but that will be like 3 out of 10 women. Use of Jewelry right from ancient times portray Status, Feminity, Fashion, Beauty and lots more.

Waist bead is one of the feminine Jewelry usually worn by ladies. It comes in different sizes and colours. In some parts of Africa, waist beads are customised for each girl child after birth as a form of feminism. It is used to monitor a girl child’s growth from one phase to another. A girl is more likely to change her waist beads when at adolescent stage,when she is about to get married and after giving birth.

Transition from childhood to adulthood is the first reason for a girl to change waistbead unless the beads cut due to carelessness. This period bring to the notice of a mother, that her child is no longer a toddler. It is the duty of the mother to either make a new one or add more strands to the old one.

Waist beads can be used to attract men through the sounds it make when walking or through the shape it gives a woman’s waist that makes it wiggle. A lady often use it to call her man in the house without talking.

Also, waist beads can be used to measure weight loss or gain. When it stands on the waist, then the person wearing it is of the right weight. When it’s coming down below waist, the one wearing it is losing weight. When it jumps up the waist towards the belly button, it simply means the person wearing it has added weight.

Wearing of waist beads signify feminity at its peak. However, waist beads are not supposed to be seen in public like anklets and earrings but they can be heard.