Always ‘stay contented but keep working hard’ – Don Jazzy entreats fans

Don jazzy

There is no word of advice more important than one which aims at improving the life of an individual, but the decision to adhere remains an option.

Music producer Don Jazzy who appears to have more life experiences offered counsel on contentment and hard work to his fans on social media on Tuesday, and it was one that certainly struck a chord.

On Tuesday, a fan who identifies as @iamAbiodunAA attempted to get the attention of the Mavin Record CEO in a post on Twitter.

While promoting his business as a web developer and graphic designer, he thought it was significant to mention Don Jazzy in the tweet.

However, Jazzy replied him with a piece of advice that was both for him and others. The Mavin boss told the young man not to let the things he desires make him forget the things he already has.

Don Jazzy went further to advise him to always be grateful, contented and hard working.

“Do not let the things you desire make you forget the things you already have,” he said/tweeted.

“Always stay grateful and contented but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard /smart. Stay contented but keep working hard. Am I communicating?”