”Allow men breathe, focus on being rich yourself, you guys put too much pressure on these men” – Bella Okagbue cautions ladies

Bella Okagbue, known for her frank and fearless views, recently engaged her followers in an enlightening Instagram session. Amidst the throng of questions, one fan asked her for advice for someone with a hard-working partner who isn’t rich.

Bella’s response was both thought-provoking and direct. She challenged the fan to reflect on her own financial status. Bella spoke on the undue pressure on men to be wealthy and advocated for giving them space to grow.

“Are you rich? If you aren’t then focus on being rich yourself. You guys put too much pressure on these men, allow them breathe instablog9ja

As long as he is hardworking, he will get there”

Recall that in the last couple of days, conversation around Bella Okagbue has intensified following her boyfriend Sheggz’ birthday. The event took a turn when Shakes was reportedly gifted a house. Some skeptical netizens quickly surfaced, suggesting that Sheggz had actually bought the house himself and staged it as a gift.

Strong in her support, Bella jumped into the conversation, defending Sheggz against the trolls. Despite his silence on the matter, Bella was vocal, going as far as to label the Big Brother Naija fandom “stupid.”

She also continued to shower him with public admiration, even stating that he was much more than a normal boyfriend but also an “Odogwu”.

Also, yesterday during the instagram Q and A session, Bella claimed to be a virgin in another fan interaction. This revelation, however, was quickly countered by Sheggz himself. On his Instagram, he hinted that Bella’s statement wasn’t truthful, by commenting 🧢.

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