‘All you are good enough for is fees’ – Gideon Okeke shares cryptic post, opens up on life after divorce

Gideon Okeke, a Nigerian actor, has shared details about his current reality following his divorce two years ago.

Okeke took to his Instagram story to share what he realized after announcing his divorce, that many men are suffering as a result of failed marriages and leaving their children as victims. He noted that he had received messages about it and have a question to ask.

Gideon Okeke questioned single mothers and advised them to treat the father of their children as a human being, rather than just a source of money, despite the failed marriage. He also stressed the importance of children having their fathers in their lives.

In a lengthy post, the actor partly wrote: “It’s on the announcement of my separation/divorce that I realised that so many men are going through and enduring a litany of ills as an offshoot of a failed marriage, leaving the kids in tow, as victims. My DM has messages to boot. Buy, I need to ask…”

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