“All of us don use force collect things before” – Daddy Freeze drums up support for Sam Larry

After Mohbad’s passing a few weeks ago, Sam Larry has been under the media’s attention, and the tempest that has developed around him isn’t going away any time soon.

Daddy Freeze is one noteworthy person who has come up to support him.

Sam Larry has been the main suspect since his death.

A viral video of Sam Larry aggressively abusing Mohbad is at the center of the dispute.

In response to the escalating rumors and charges, Sam Larry decided to come forward with his own claims.

He issued a press statement meant to clear the air and defend his innocence. in the statement, he denied any participation in Mohbad’s unfortunate death.

According to Sam Larry, the brawl began with a money argument and quickly escalated, he appealed that he had no hand in the death of Mohbad.

After he made that remark, the story recently took a turn that added another surprise to the continuing storyline. Sam Larry’s assertions appear to be refuted by a video that has surfaced.

Although he had previously claimed to have left the nation on August 20, the video showed him having a party on August 26 in Nigeria. The media and fans are perplexed by this discovery, which has led to even more doubts and inquiries.

However, Daddy Freeze,  a well-known voice in the entertainment world, has stepped up to support Sam Larry, In a recent live broadcast.

Daddy Freeze defended Sam Larry’s conduct, claiming that we’ve all used force to get something we want at some point in our lives.

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