All my girlfriends are older than me – Rema cries out


“All my girlfriends older than me”

Nigerian music sensation Rema has revealed on social media that his lovers are all older than him.

Fans were quick to respond…….


Bro be wise they are after your money and name, baby mama is a free form …


Yeah it’s normal ..beside how old are you now?


How about the ones younger than you??


Lmao, iffa hear say dem no old pass u… you’re xo worth it man … #jaiye.


Why won’t they be 😒


My younger sister is not, trust me.


Girlfriends…pural not even singular, while I’m struggling to get 1


Lovely,wanted to say na Rema be dis but behold it was Rema. Big up Man,more hits to come from you.

Waiting patiently


I will tell ur mummy for u say u r calling ursef Bad commando 😏


They say age is just a number.

So feel free bro….


All my boyfriends have been older too but we’re the same age how about we try something new together


if I tell you say m not pained, just know it’s a lie

look at me without gf and I’ll soon clock 30.

Tired of GOD when gang


That is best way but she gonna richer than you