Alicia Keys Wants Hiring Women to Become the Standard


Alicia Keys shares more of her thoughts about female representation in the music industry at the Billboard x Amex Impact Brunch!

The 38-year-old “Time Machine” singer – looking chic in striped pants – spoke on stage at the event held at The West Hollywood EDITION on Thursday (December 12) in West Hollywood, Calif.

While discussing the She Is the Music initiative, Alicia said (via THR), “If I want to find a female lighting designer, how can I find that person? If I want to find a female sound engineer, how can I find that? If I want to find a female business manager or female lawyer.”

“I think what happens is people get used to working with who they’re used to working with, and then you go and ask for a recommendation and they’ve been used to working with John for 100 years, so John gets recommended,” she continued.

“It’s not that Lucy or Terry shouldn’t be recommended, but we get into this systemic style of how we operate. We just get used to it, as opposed to starting to break it and think out of the box and be conscious about the choices that we’re making.”

“It’s happening, it’s a real thing, because women get it done,” she added about her hope that hiring women becomes the standard, not not the exception, so that “it’s not so unusual that, ‘Wow, there’s two women on the board! And one of them is black!’ It’s bulls–t.”