Alibaba celebrates 54th birthday with beautiful photos


Popular Nigerian comedian Alibaba is celebrating his 54 years on earth and to mark this special occasion, he has posted very stylish photos of himself on his Instagram page.

In his post on Instagram, he thanked his family for their support and told his fans that he will be checking a lot of things off his bucket list this year.

He wrote:

“June 24th, every year is my birthday. And this new year, that I am stepping into will be one of great revelation, elevation, appreciation, impartation, education, expansion and completion.

I will make sure many of the items on my bucket lists are ticked. In no particular order. From low hanging fruits to the far fetched dreams… they are all on my check list this year.

I give a big Thank you, to my wife, my backbone and to my children. I thank my family and the extended family. You all have been a pillar of support.

To my colleagues and industry friends, thank you for the camaraderie. We will all shine. Together. Forever.

My mentors and role models… Thanks for all you have taught me.

The lessons I have failed to learn, please, don’t cease to remind me, I am in that learning curve… bend me.

My clients, I already placed an advert for you… Abeg… Just keep the calls coming

My friends and well wishers… your joy shall be full. You will find favour in the eyes of all who you seek them from.

God will bless the work of your hands. You shall not be left behind. When it’s time for you to walk, you will walk. When it’s time to run… You will run. You shall not lack.

And to Osonobruwhe… Oghene ro makpona… Mehingwe.”

Check out the photos below: