“Alero’s Diary” Nollywood’s Latest Movie Gets Positive Reviews Online

Alero's Diary

One of the most anticipated non-fictional movies in the history of the Nigeria Film Industry has been released. It describes the nature of pretends, emotional blackmails, betrayal, love, hate, misplaced loyalty, ambitiousness, and the lavish billionaire lifestyle.

Titled “Alero’s Diary”, the romantic drama which stars Sharon ooja and Kenneth Okolie centers around a young lady who tries to plot her way into a billionaires heart. But the question is, “will her witty plot succeed”.

According to the Directors and Producers of “Alero’s Diary”, they all noted that the movie was carefully casted, plotted and produced in the perfect setting to sustain viewers’ anticipation, especially with the intrigues and suspense it carries.

The movie is presently available and trending on twitter nationwide. It has been described as one of the most educative and explosive movies with contextual contents relating the contemporary developments in our present world.

“Alero’s Diary” was produced by Prolux Studio, a Nigeria leading movie agency.