Akuapem Poloo all over the moon because Cardi B ‘mistakenly’ liked her Video


Someone would say ‘ego over Cardi B’ for labeling Akuapem Poloo her twin. The fuss she is making about the whole thing is not just suffocating but dry and ludicrous.

Following Cardi B’s whole fiasco with the female celebs and her twerking session with Poloo, she followed her on Instagram and called labeled her twin and that has been the beginning of this madness.

Poloo has been making noise about this and does not waste time to tell the world about the least trivial thing that ensues between herself and Cardi B even though we all know their relationship is not even deep to start with.

She has been riding on their encounter and she is at it again. Cardi commented on a video of her pounding fufu and again she is putting it in our faces.

She has refused to accept and understand that what happened has lived its time— honestly, ‘we taya this twinnie tin’…