After woman starts music career at 65 years, becomes inspiration to others (video)

Maryam Mohammed Hamadani: African who who started music at 65

A video of Maryam Mohammed Hamdani, who taught herself music at the age of 65 years, has surfaced online.

Hamdani reveals she used the internet to educate herself and has over time, taught other women to play local instruments.

According to her, she wished to learn music as a child but cultural challenges prevented her from informing her father about her passion for music.

Maryam Mohammed Hamdani, who was born at Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania, has revealed how she motivated other women to learn how to play music.

Hamdani reveals that she had an interest in music as a child but was hesitant to inform her father.

Our Agency understands that cultural challenges prevent girls from posing certain questions to parents.

Hamdani, however, began playing the taarab, a musical instrument at the age of 65 and with the help of the internet.

BBC News Africa reveals that she is the first woman to publicly play the qanun, a musical instrument, in Zanzibar.

She later spoke with Mohammed Ilyas, a famous musician, and he helped her teach other women how to play instruments such as the violin, the oud, qanun, and drums.

After seven months of intensive training, the group performed at a big festival known as Busara, despite doubts about their abilities.

Watch the video below:

Social media users praised Hamdani and her team for their efforts:

Matata was amazed at her struggle, determination, and strength.

Bukhart was surprised Hamdani educated herself at 65 years.

Gordon added that her determination is admirable and inspiring.

Makungu also said music is therapeutic.

To Ouellette, Hamdani’s story is very inspiring.