After One Month In Captivity, Worshippers Kidnapped From Kaduna Church Regain Freedom

After being kidnapped by suspected bandits, 60 members of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kakau Daji, Kaduna, have been released after a month in confinement.

They were abducted on October 31 by bandits who demanded ransom and killed three of the victims while badly injuring two others.

Rev Joseph John Hayab, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kaduna State, confirmed their liberation. On Friday evening, nine additional persons taken from a different town were released with the church attendees, according to Hayab, who did not specify whether a ransom was paid.

After being released, troops took the release members to the barracks, according to the CAN Chairman.

He said;

“Yes, the Kakau Daji church members have been released according to the Church last night and the Church told us that they played a vital role; so I commend them for that.”

In other news, an irate mob is said to have battered Darlington Ugboaja, a 27-year-old man, after a local drug, Methamphetamine, also known as Mkpuru mmiri, was discovered on him.

The deceased was bludgeoned to death in Anara market in Imo state, causing panic and prompting traders to close their shops for fear of retaliation from the victim’s relatives.

According to a source at Punch,

”They saw him coming out from a bunk were drugs are sold. They suspected he had Mkpurummiri in his possession. They quickly searched him and found the substance. They immediately tired his hands on an electric pole and started beating him.

“He lost consciousness and he was rushed to Anara Health Centre but unfortunately there was no doctor on duty. They rushed him to another hospital at Umunachi where he was pronounced dead ”

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