“After 6 years in marriage, my husband went back to repay my bride price again” – Respectful wife reveals (Video)

An Igbo wife, Uka Chiemela has shared a video on TikTok rejoicing in the repayment of her bride price, 6 years into her marriage.

The video, which has since gone viral, showcases the couple engaging in traditional rites surrounded by family and well-wishers.

In the video, tubers of yams, biscuits, and other symbolic items were seen arranged in a corner.
The atmosphere was charged with cultural significance as the husband and wife knelt before an elderly man, with a group of onlookers bearing witness to the age-old tradition.

The celebratory scene showed the wife, Uka Chiemela, dressed in a stylish red native attire wearing with beads, while her husband complemented the occasion in an all-white outfit.

The cultural display sparked curiosity among viewers, leading Chiemela to invite netizens to share their own experiences of similar traditions from their respective hometowns.

While the video gained traction on social media, Chiemela did not disclose the specific reason why her husband didn’t pay her bride price initially but instead decided to repay it after six years of marriage.

Netizens Reactions…
ezinneuchenna37 said; “I have seen the house ur papa built very fantastic i have seen all ur videos and the background very fine house.”

Nwanyiocha said; “Massive congratulations on your marriage, May your home be blessed, peaceful, fruitful, filled with love and happiness.”

Adaoma Osegboh said; “Madam, you were never married. You guys were just living together. He just did the needful.”

Jennifer Oliver said; “For which Igbo land this kind of abomination happened?? never seen or heard , sis na now he dey marry u be honest.”

Jennifer Oliver said; “Na introduction u do 6 years ago madam ..na now he dey marry u.”

Cynthia Onyekaozulu said; “Oga no pay finish for the first time maybe he pay only the bride price all of us be igbo no de deceive people for here.”

Rich plug said; “You suppose tell us, your husband no pay your bride price at the first place.”

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