Advice Needed: My Fiancé Wants Me To Have Se x With A Man For Money


I wonder the type of husband such “Fiancé” will make? A reader sent this in and needs your advice so, please drop your advice after reading below;

Dear readers,
Please hide my ID I am in a serious confused state and don’t know what to do.

My fiancé and I met in the USA 3 years ago at college. We started dating a year after meeting and when we finally graduated, he asked me to marry him. Daniel (real name withheld) is a very ambitious guy and very pushy. He brings out the best in me and is very God orientated.

We have a bond beyond love. We were both raised by single mothers and also their only children. It is our ritual to send each other’s mother a present every six months.
Six months after my mother got ill and after moving from one hospital to another she was finally diagnosed with kidney failure. Myself and Daniel got extremely depressed when we were told. She took up more shifts to make more money and fly my mother to India for a kidney transplant.

My mother’s doctor in Cameroon told myself and Daniel that if she didn’t have a transplant in a month then she might not make it. We have saved some money and even sold our cars but just need a little more time to complete it for her full treatment in India.

Last night on Craigslist we tried to sell some of our furniture and kind of ended up in the wrong section of the site. When I came back home he told me he had found and spoken on the phone with a man from Craigslist that was ready to pay the money for the treatment but all I had to do was sleep with him.

I was in shock at Daniel’s new solution and I wasted no time in telling him so, but he wouldn’t change his mind. He says if I love my Mother as much as he thinks I will do anything to try to keep her alive. He told me the man will wear a condom and only do what I am comfortable with. He also said they have agreed he will be in the room so as to make me comfortable.

I have told Daniel that I am not willing to do it, he is insisting if I don’t do it I might lose him and my mother. Advise me please readers. What should I do?


  1. The truth be told my dear, your so called fiance doesn’t need you again that is why he asked you to sleep with another man. Pls, I advise you to maintain your stand. It is God that saves life not money/Doctor…your mother will live if God wants her to live just be praying for her instead of you molesting yourself.


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