Adunni Ade vs Mercy Aigbe: Who’s More Stunning in This Native Attire


Nollywood actresses, Adunni Ade and Mercy Aigbe look stunning and attractive as they appear in classical native dress. Both actresses are beautifully endowed as they still look younger than their age.

The Nigerian lady but American born actress, Adunni Ade has a glowing skin that always makes her look stunning, likewise the controversial Nigerian born actress, Mercy Aigbe has never stopped from stealing the show with her dauntless beauty.

Here, the pair looks great in the same native attire as they look like someone that’s set for partying. Celebrity lifestyle is kind of overwhelming as they can’t do anything in secrecy, any action they take has already transpired even before they notice.

Mercy Aigbe has been trending on social media than her Nollywood counterpart, as she is one of the most active actresses on social media especially Instagram.