Adult film star has shocking freak accident with his eg gplant (photos)


According to a report by MediaTakeOut, adult film star Rico Strong was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles yesterday, after a freak accident involving his pe nis. Doctors say that his pe nis was “severely damaged” and for a time, they suspected that he might even lose it…there are pictures after the cut..

From MediaTakeOut

Here’s what we know. Rico reportedly was filming a scene and wanted to be . .. . . errr . .. EXTRA PREPARED FOR IT. So we’re told that Rico injected his pe nis with a drug called “caberjack”. The medicine worked a little TOO WELL and his ere ction did not go down for 18 HOURS.
Rico was rushed to the hospital, where doctors had to stick needles into his pe nis, and slowly drain all the blood out of it. It appears like he’s going to make a full recovery, but it was TOUCH AND GO for a minute. We’re told that at one point, doctors even considered AMPUTATING his pe nis.




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