Actress Oma Iyasara Talks Sexual Harassment In Nollywood


Rising Nollywood actress Oma Iyasara has touched on sexual harassment in the movie industry stating that no part of society is rid of the act.
Speaking exclusively to The Sun, she said the incidence of sexual harassment isn’t limited to just the Nigerian movie industry but pervasive and far-reaching getting even into churches, schools and whatnot.

She said: “There is no part of our society where it does not exist. In the banking world females are sent out as official prostitutes to win accounts. In the teaching industry it happens. It even happens in churches. So sex is everywhere and not just in Nollywood.”

Oma howvwer stated that as bad as the issue of sexual harassment appears today in society, she has never been a victim.

She holds that maybe her mannerism and appearance are what give her the edge and ensure she hasn’t faced any such abuse.

“I have not had any experience I guess because I have carried myself well.

“My elder sister once told me that you dress the way you want to be addressed. Your manner and carriage determines how people will deal with you,” she said.

Oma Iyasara is an actress and a graduate of Communications from the Imo State University, Owerri.

She made a ‘controversial’ appearance in the movie Triangle by Don Kwaffy and she said it was all about giving life to the character in the script and nothing more.


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