Actress, Nkechi Blessing hits back at follower who slammed her for calling BBNaija’s Yousef’s accent “Aboki Namu,”


Actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has clashed with an Instagram user who slammed her for her comment about BBNaija star, Yousef’s accent.

Yousef pronounced “veto” as “beto” during a conversation with fellow BBNaija housemate Peace.

This surprised Peace and she asked Yousef to recite “A to Z”.

“Aboki Namu,” Nkechi Blessing said while reacting to Yousef’s accent.

An Instagram user slammed her for her comment.

“Your statement is stupid and insensitive af!!” the Instagram user wrote in part.

Nkechi Blessing hit back, insulting the Instagram user for refusing to get that she was joking.

See below.