Actress Monalisa Coker Sends Memo To Husbands And Wives Concerning Snooping And Space To Breathe…


Nollywood actress Monalisa Coker listed some marriage tips and I totally agree with her………

She said ” Privacy is a big part of knowing how  a husband  should treat his wife. just because she is your wife does not mean it is ‘okay’ to open her closet and sift through her items.

Take her phone and begin to search for what isn’t lost, (which you men would NEVER allow) unless you know she is cool with it. Sometimes,not enough privacy ruins intimacy, so keep that in mind.Marriage is not about being together but also about trusting  each other enough to give each other some privacy.”

And wives too, learn to keep your prying eyes away from your hubby’s phones and documents that doesn’t concern you! Mind your business  sometimes if you are so worried about some ill signs that your are not comfy with,look for a good time to talk about it!

Husbands, please please and please if she plans to go out with her friend on a weekend, let her do so. give each other some breathing space. i believe that is the best way to cultivate strong trust in the relationship.

May God protect our homes!