Actress, Mercy Aigbe makes shocking revelations about why she has grey hair and ageing fast


Mercy Aigbe has made shocking revelations on her Instagram page about reasons why she is ageing fast and having grey hair. According to the 42 year old, the stress she is going through at home because of the lockdown is making her age fast.

Mercy complained bitterly about how PHCN and telecommunication companies are frustrating her, hence the reason she has grey hair already.

In her words “Just few days at home Baby Girl has started growing grey hair 😰…. why won’t grey hair come out, when there is no light, Airtel/Smile network is shitty! I can’t even watch Netflix 😓…. this whole situation will make one age fast 😭…… God this corona virus just do and go 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #stayhomestaysafe“