Actress Maryam Charles blows hot as Instagram account gets hacked


Nigerian has resorted to her Facebook page to bare her mind – Charles recently lost her Instagram account to hackers and she aired her displeasure on Facebook .

To show how much she was affected by the loss, the film star laid curses on whoever is responsible for the act Social media is no doubt a very strong tool in the hands of people who know its benefits.

There is no doubt that quite a number of celebs hold their internet presence very dear to their hearts.

Many times, fraudulent people look for accounts with buzzing interaction to take over and use for their negative activities. Well, it appears a Nollywood actress has fallen victim to one of them.

Nigerian film star, Maryam Charles Sulyman, recently took to her Facebook page to rant after losing her Instagram page to hackers

Charles who was obviously pained by the loss explained that her page served a very good purpose of helping her interact and get feedback from fans. She added that the page loss has indirectly spoiled her market.

The actress then gave a serious warning to the person behind the act as she warned him or her to be ready to face grave consequences if her account is not returned to her.

She wrote: “If you do not want to run mad in the market square within 7 days, return my account. If you do not want Okada to Remove your two legs, return my account. If you do not want all that is good to suddenly turn bad for you, return my account.” See a screenshot of her post below: