Actress, Kehinde Bankole reveals why she ignores her fans


Nigerian actress, Kehinde Bankole has opened up on why she usually ignores her fans and followers on social media.

Taking to her Instagram page, Kehinde Bankole noted that she keeps mute on social media most of the times because she is humbled by the praises and positive remarks about her from her fans.

According to the delectable Nollywood star, her motive for re-posting some of the reviews about her talent is that she does not want her humility to be perceived as being ungrateful and reiterated her appreciation to her fans for their support.

In her words;

“TWITTER. I’ve never reposted things like this when said about me, but today something struck me different. I realised I may be trying to be so humble I become ungrateful.

Today I choose me. Over the years I see all your comments every where, tags, dms here on ig, facebook, blogs, posts, stories & I may seem to ignore or be unable to reply all these things when I see it, but I want you to know I’m grateful.

I truly am. Today I choose gratitude, Thank you. And God I’m thankful”

Reacting to this,

@kingwoleojo wrote “Anybody waking up to this today is SLOW! YOU’RE A GIFT TO THE ARTS!”

@ibinike_ wrote “We know and now they are knowing. Dues are coming in girl! You’ve been consistently delivery excellent work since the days of Caro in Super Story”