Actress Juliet Ibrahim Talks Relationship With Ex-Husband And Other Men In Her Life


Actress Juliet Ibrahim was a guest on a TV show on Sunday, January 17 and she talked about her career and how she used to be a runway model. She also touched on the ‘beef’ in the Nigerian movie industry as well as her former marriage, saying both parties decided to move on after some time.

Fast forward to ten years and she says she used to be an usher at events, a model and pretty much involved in TV commercials.

The Ghanaian actress disclosed that acting came into the mix for her after she won a beauty pageant. She then went for an audition following the advice of a friend in 2007, a period the Ghanaian movie industry was beginning to pick up, and everything changed from there.

Ibrahim said she got a major role from her first audition which landed her an appearance in the movie Crime To Christ.

She revealed she never planned to become an actress but instead a music star. She said she used to be shy and still is, but she admitted she could be anybody she wants to be while on screen.

She also talked about speaking multiple languages given she went to school and studied Spanish.

On her relationship with other actors in Nollywood, she told the show’s host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, that she tries to have a cool relationship with pretty much everyone as she doesn’t have the time or reason to ‘beef’ anybody.

The 30 Days In Atlanta star also talked about her sister, Sonia Ibrahim, who is a fast-rising actress and how well she is doing in the movie industry.

On her marriage to her ex-husband, she said both parties decided to move on after some time together. She however said the dissolution had nothing to do with her acting career.

On her relationship with movie stars IK Ogbonna, Emmanuel Ikubese and Brian Okwara she said there is nothing like a romantic affair going on between her and any of them.

See the full interview clips below:

Juliet Ibrahim is a multi award-winning actress of Ghanaian-Lebanese descent.

In 2014, she forayed into the music industry and dropped a song with Nigerian reggae singer General Pype.

She has a son from her previous marriage to Kwadwo Safo and has been rumoured to be in a relationship with a number of Nigerian actors including Emmanuel Ikubese and Brian Okwara, allegations she has vehemently denied every time she is asked.


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