Actress, Ijeoma Thomas reveals she was insulted for ‘snatching her sister’s husband’


Nollywood actress, Ijeoma Thomas, has revealed that on several occasions she has been made to pay the prize for stardom.

According to the beautiful, Abia State born talented actress who also doubles as a movie producer, she has been called all sorts of names, including a husband snatcher due to the kinds of roles she play.

Narrating incidents that have happened to her, she said: “There is this movie I did; Ala Di (Husband madness), I was so mean in the movie. I did a whole lot of things there. I collected people’s money and snatched my sister’s husband.

I even snatched another person that wanted to marry her. In the movie, I had to do some things for the person to marry me instead of my sister.

“So, one day I ran into a woman on my way to a function, she started saying all sort of things, raining curses on me. I was shocked because I was like, I don’t even know this woman, we have never met before. It was until she mentioned the movie that I realized she mistook me for the character I played in Ala Di”.

On the craziest thing she had done for love, Martha hinted that her boyfriend is a jealous partner, so she decided to act on it.
“My partner is always jealous seeing me kiss or play some romantic roles in movies. Well, I understand, he’s a human being. But I also try to make him understand it’s just a movie. One day to make him more jealous, I sent myself gifts and pretended they were from a secret admirer,” she recalled.