Actress, Halima Abubakar shares her journey to recovery with fans after months of being bedridden (video)

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has taken to her Instagram stories to share her recovery journey with her fans.

Tontrends reported in 2022 that the actress became bedridden following her altercation with Apostle Johnson Suleman. Her family also took to social media to call out the clergyman to stay away from her.

However, many alleged that the actress was battling an autoimmune disease. Debunking the claims, Halima took to her Instagram story to share her medical report which was shoved aside as many claimed that the report doesn’t prove anything.

In a new development, the actress took to her Instagram story today, 28th February to share her recovery journey. Halima shared videos of herself on a hospital bed and thanked the doctors and nurses who took care of her.

She also gave gratitude to her creator for restoring her health. She went on to share a Tiktok video of a lioness walking with a message which reads “I’ve battled my whole life to become the strong woman i am today. If you think that you can take me down after all that I’ve already been thru… Give it your best shot… you will not succeed”.

Video below….

Halima Abubakar opens up on her affair with Suleman

Tontrends reported that Halima had opened up on her affair with clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The actress, who is clearly unbothered by the lawsuit filed against her by the clergyman, had taken to a recent interview to spill tea about their affair.

Halima revealed that Apostle Suleman first reached out to her on the phone to be his friend. They got talking for four months and he sent her 500,000 to show he was serious in his relationship with her.

The ailing actress insisted that she never knew Suleman was married as he told her that he was separated. Halima shockingly revealed that she pleaded with him on countless times to reconcile with his wife, but he remained adamant.

Halima claimed that Apostle Suleman proposed to her seven times but she rejected his proposal. Unbothered by the rejection, he involved the actress’s parents in their affair and had an introduction with her.

Speaking on their sexual life, Halima revealed that she discovered that everytime they had sex, she would always bleed but since she wasn’t spiritual, she didn’t read meaning to it.

To prove herself, Halima shared old photos she took of the clergyman while in a hotel on Valentine’s day. She berated media personality, Daddy Freeze for pitching tent with Suleman, who he is friends with.

Halima added that she had a tattoo of his name on her hand when their relationship was good and when she discovered he was married, he had calmed her down.

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