Actress clarion chukwura shocks many as she became born again


The life of celebrities at home and abroad is often believed to stray from the way of God but many Nigerian celebrities have proved that belief wrong by preaching the word of God at every opportunity given to them. Some of these actors have played roles in movies in the past that might prove contrary to what they preach because that is the nature of their job but many of them are born again Christians. Joining the clique of born again Christian celebrities is veteran actress, Clarion Chukwura.

Clarion Chukwura

Clarion Chukwura, a Nollywood actress of high repute, shared a post on her Facebook page in which she spoke of her new found conviction. The actress said she is now born again. According to her, she used to act very bitchy roles in movie but she did not think herself a ‘sinner’ because she was a good humanitarian. However, now that she has finally found Christ, she has found peace as well. The actress also enjoined others to follow in her path and give their lives to the Christian Messiah.

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It would seem Clarion’s new found faith has affected her dressing. The lady known for her glamorous attires shared a photo of herself looking different. In the photo as seen above, she was without the makeup and glistening attire for which she was really known.

Born-again Christian celebrities are celebrities who have openly identified with Jesus Christ for the salvation of their souls. The term “born again” is associated with people of the Christian faith, who follow the teachings of the Christian holy book, the Bible, especially teachings in the new testament where the principal subject is about the Jewish prophet, Jesus Christ.

Many born-again Christian celebrities have chosen to follow the way of the cross, with most of them forsaking their careers, fame, affluence, all of which they have spent a whole lifetime for in the process. Some of them on this list had to go through a watershed moment to realize this deep truth about human existence.

Tonto dikeh

Over time, a few Nigerian celebrities have answered this great call to be evangelists-to go out and preach the word and win souls. Some totally abandoning their careers for this great mission while others sync being an evangelist and an entertainer. Some of them are Kanayo O. Kanayo, Liz Benson, Patience Ozokwor, Eucharia Anunobi, Lynxx, Zack Orji, Tonto Dikeh among others. They have all done greatly in the movie industry and may God continue to strengthen them in their new found path.