Actress Chacha Eke Reveals Reasons For Her Weight Loss And Why She Quit Make-up


Super fans and followers of the actress have continued to react to recent pictures of the actress posted on Instagram, where she looks emaciated and sick.

The actress whose followers have been asking numerous questions in the comment box to ascertain why she looks different from her pretty self, decided to answer all their questions in a thirty three minute video posted on her YouTube channel.

Directing her followers to the YouTube video with a post on Instagram, the actress captioned the post “I stopped doing make-ups, stopped photoshopping my pictures, and lost a lot of weight…. Click on the link in my bio to hear all about it.

Meanwhile, her colleagues in the movie industry and her followers on Instagram have expressed support and their undying love for the actress, urging her to regain her lost weight so as to remain pretty.

Well, I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I’ll urge all of you to watch this video where the actress referred to herself as a brown skin girl. She always added that she does not need makeup to be beautiful.