Actress Bervely Naya’s New Photo


Beverly Ifunaya Bassey, usually reffered to as Beverly Naya, is a well known actress. She was born and raised in London, she has since her childhood days wowed the British audience with her brilliance.

In 2010 after taking a lead role in a Nollywood movie “Living in Exile” she became known and since then starred in many movies after. She has a couple awards to her name.

Beverly is from Ibuzo in Delta State. She had her formal education in the UK. She graduated from Roehampton University in London where she studied Script writing and Film making. Before then, she had studied Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy for her first degree at Brunel University.

Her mother pampers her with the good things of life. She did not encounter any incidence of child rivalry or juvenile inconvenience. She enjoyed all the parental attention because she is the only child, her mum says she is spoilt.

Even at that, she has a mother who has always been there and is supportive. “There is this natural flow of communication and understanding between us. We hardly have disagreements because we have developed a bond to an extent where we make statements even in our silence mode. The bond is so strong.” She says.

Her mother is her manager, she is her mentor who nudges and urges her on. Her father shuttles between the US and Nigeria while her mum and her are back in Nigeria settling down to embrace what the country has to offer.

Due to that, her relationship with her Dad isn’t so strong because they really don’t see much but they communicate as much as they can. The best his Dad can do is support her career and that he does.

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