Actor, Williams Uchemba advises you train these 3 things


Nigerian actor, philanthropist and famous humanitarian Williams Uchemba has shared three most important things human beings need to train possibly over the course of their lives.

Taking to his Instagram page on Sunday, July 5, 2020, Mr Williams advised people to train the Head, Hand and most importantly the Heart.

He explained;

There are 3 things you train
“1. THE TRAINING OF THE HEAD: this is where you go to school and learn how things are done in terms of systems and structures.

“2. THE TRAINING OF THE HAND: Skill acquisition training, apprenticeship and hand work all falls into these category.

“But the 3rd one is the most important one and that is,

“3. THE TRAINING OF THE HEART: this is where you talk about character, honesty, integrity, compassion and truth. Listen, you can make a first class from Harvard and still be an intelligent criminal with a Harvard degree, the reason is because there is an issue with your heart, ability can take you to the top but character keeps you there. How then can we train our heart? that’s where having a genuine relationship with God comes in, it’s only God that can give us a new heart, it’s only the fear of God that will make you not to steal public funds or money meant to be paid to pensioners.

“Young People if you want to go far in life do whatever you can to train your heart and the ultimate gift you can have is knowing Jesus in Spirit and in Truth. I gave my life to him 17 years ago and my life has never been the same.”