Actor Segun Ogungbe celebrates his 2 wives whose birthdays are in April (photos)


In African tradition, it used to be a norm for men to have more than one wife but time and religion changed these things. Despite that, some men have still married more than a wife and some of them have been lucky to have peace in their homes. It is no news that having two women in ones’ life is not easy due to some factors like envy, jealousy, favouritism and more.


But all these ills do not affect all of these kinds of relationships.

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Just recently, Yoruba Nollywood actor, Segun Ogungbe, took to social media via his Instagram page to celebrate his two women.

The actor shared a snap of the ladies posing together for a photo as he celebrated them for their birthdays in the month of April. Ogungbe praised them for the peace and exemplary maturity they have both displayed in the relationship.

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He wrote;

“Birthdays are once in a year but in my heart I celebrate you both every day for the love shared, the peace, the maturity and the blessings you all carry along as a strong and good woman you have been @atinukeogungbe (12TH APRIL) @omowunmiajiboye(17TH APRIL).

I couldn’t have imagined living my life without you behind me every day, anytime and always. Blessed be unto the days you both entered my life. I love you now and will always do. Happy birthday in advance Mines.”

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