Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, shares evidence to prove suspected human trafficker who camped two missing friends is dead

Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has shared a video and photos of the corpse of suspected organ harvester, Andrew Ochekwo, who camped two friends, Celine and Afiba, that are currently missing.


Harrison had initially reported that the police had informed him that Andrew was killed while he was being taken to Abuja for further interrogation. However, Nigerians had doubted the story.


To dispel claims of foul play, Harrison shared video and photos of Andrew’s corpse. He visited the morgue in Benue state where late Andrew’s body was deposited after he was shot dead. 



He also spoke to a victim of the late Andrew who confirmed that the corpse that was displayed was indeed Andrew.


Meanwhile efforts are still being made to find Celine and Afiba. Both ladies left Port Harcourt for Aba on April 27, 2024 to meet Andrew and have since gone missing. 


Watch the video Harrison shared below


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