“Achieve success and 700 women will chase you” – Reno Omokri advises Nigerian men

In a new and recent development, popular Nigerian controversial personality, Reno, Omokri has dished out an advice to Nigerian men.

Taking to the X-Platform, he advised men to prioritize their relationship with success. He expressed that if they ever had a choice to choose between success and women, they should always choose success.

He also stated that after God and their parents, the next thing they should pick should be being successful. He expressed that once a man has money and has established a very good ambitious lifestyle for himself, he can have a pick of any woman that he wants.

He used Solomon as an example. He revealed that before Solomon became king, he had zero wives. However, when he became king, he had access to 700 wives. In his words, this is what he had to say,

“After God and your parents, you should prioritise your relationship with success. If you have a relationship with success, you can be picky over women. If you don’t have such a relationship, women will be picky over you. Look at Solomon.

“Before he became king, he had zero wives. When he became king, he had 700 wives. I don’t support or not polygamy. This is just an illustration. Don’t chase women.”

“Achieve success, and 700 women will chase you. Women do not chase men. Men chase women. It is kings that women chase. Be a king in your field and experience the Solomonic Effect.”

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