Ace Broadcaster Emmanuel Ugolee authors 1st book, “A hundred random light bulbs”


Economist, Broadcaster, Marketing Communications specialist, Content creator and Voice Actor Emmanuel Ugolee has added yet another giant stride to his list of known accomplishments as he turns author with the release of his book titled “A hundred random light bulbs“.

Popularly known for his nuggets shared on social media, Emmanuel says that pressure from friends and fans to immortalize his words by publishing a book was the inspiration for the book.

When asked what should be expected from reading the book Emmanuel Ugolee responded : “This read turns on random light bulbs in your head with the potential for an interesting and deepened understanding of the otherwise ordinary. Offering fresh perspectives to a hundred of life’s lessons with new angles as to how it affects everyday living”.

Writer, filmmaker, social commentator & critique Charles Novia calls the book “A gift to generations yet to come”.