Abuja makeup artist narrowly escapes death by a killer pretending to be a bride


A twitter user identified as @_Ewomazino has shared the story of an Abuja makeup artist who narrowly escaped being killed by someone posing as a bride

The makeup artist had agreed to meet the client at a hotel where she was going to dress up.

It was gathered that the makeup artist realized that booking her service was a bait to harm her after she arrived at the hotel The current rate of kidnappings and killings in the country call for immediate attention. Survivors, who are mostly females, have been sharing their stories to warn others of the evil happenings out there.

The Twitter user explained that an Abuja makeup artist was booked for a bridal service which turned out to be a bait to harm her.

The supposed bride-to-be visited the makeup artist at her studio before the D-day and even paid 30% upfront. It was not out of place that the makeup artist agreed to meet the bride-to-be at a hotel for her service as many brides dress up at hotels before heading to their wedding venues. However, on getting to the hotel on the wedding day, she was surprised to see that the supposed bride-to-be was with only three men. Realizing she could be in danger, she gave an excuse of forgetting some brushes in her car. And when they tried convincing her that someone could pick them for her, she said she had a special way of opening her car door as the keys were faulty.

She left her makeup box in the room so as not to give herself away, immediately raced into her car and drove off. She, however, confirmed her fears when two of the men ran after her in a way that suggested that they knew she was running away.