Abroad-based Nigerian men who go back to their villages to find wives are abusers, creeps and highly misogynistic – Nigerian lady says

A Nigerian lady, Chidera Ochuagu has said that men who leave their countries of residence and travel to their villages to find wives are “creeps and abusers.”

Ochuagu, who described herself as a ‘feminist, queer, atheist’, stated this via Twitter on Sunday, December 4, 2022. 

“Men who leave their countries of residence and go to other countries specifically to find a woman to marry are creeps, abusers, and highly misogynistic. You can say that about Nigerian men who live abroad coming back to their village or villages in Nigeria to find a wife because the women in the UK or Germany Or America are “too eye open”. Those men are abusers and creeps and they have NOTHING but hate and violence to offer women,” she tweeted. 

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