“Abortion is murder” -Odumodublvck informs Phyna, others

Fast-rising musician, Odumodu Black, opened up about his views on abortion in a recent interview with Zero Conditions. In a straightforward manner, he asserted that abortion is, without sugarcoating it, murder.

According to him, the human body doesn’t belong to individuals but to God. Therefore, it should be used to serve and worship Him. Going against this, he emphasized, should prompt a quick plea for forgiveness rather than claiming rights.

However, not everyone agrees with Odumodu’s stance. Some argue that abortion is more of a mistake than a deliberate act of murder. They believe that individuals may be forced into such decisions due to challenging circumstances, making it a complex issue.

This isn’t the first time Odumodu Black has stirred controversy. In November, he faced backlash for a song that objectified women, implying that their financial abilities were tied to engaging in sexual activities. This sparked criticism from many females who condemned his derogatory comments.

Moreover, on the 8th of November, Odumodu Black revealed in an interview that he shot a music video just a day after his father’s death. Despite mourning, he emphasized the pragmatic aspect of life, acknowledging that it moves on regardless.

Adding to the timeline, in early December, Odumodu Black playfully jabbed at Davido for referring to Dele Momodou as his “boy.” The musician didn’t mince words, calling Davido a fool for using such a term.

Odumodu Black’s journey in the public eye has been marked by controversies and bold statements, shaping his image as an artist who doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinions, even when they stir the pot.

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