Abba Kyari offered me N10m and visa to implicate Saraki – Offa robbery suspect

One of the principal suspects in Offa robbery attack, Ayoade Akinninbosun has told a court that embattled former Head of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) squad, Abba Kyari allegedly offered him N10 million to implicate ex-Senate President Bukola Saraki in the armed robbery case.

At the resumed trial on Wednesday, January 18, at the Kwara State High Court in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, Akinninbosun further alleged that Kyari promised to give him a visa to any country of his choice if he took the option to implicate Saraki but he turned down the offer.

During cross-examination by the Defence Counsel, Mathias Emeribe (SAN), Akinninbosun said; 

“He said I should admit and say Saraki was the one who asked us to go and rob. I told him I won’t do that. That I will rather die for what I didn’t do than to lie against an innocent man.

“He asked me to think over his offer very well. At this point he ordered officers Hassan and Moshood to return me to the cell. A separate one different from where others are and they should stop torturing me.”

Akinninbosun said he was not allowed to write any statement in Ilorin except his bio-data, until they were conveyed to Abuja in a tinted bus, where he was later kept in a place called “abattoir”.

The suspect maintained that Saraki had nothing to do with the robbery case. He added; 

“We were like 15 to 20 taken to Abuja, I only know a few of them. We were put outside and served meals, but I couldn’t eat because my hands were paralyzed due to the torture I went through in their hands in Ilorin. They asked Kunle Ogunleye to feed me.

“They separated five of us, put us in the generator house and Officer Hassan Attila ordered they brought some men. They went to bring five Fulani men. They brought them and killed them all in my presence.

“I was told that was not a film. He asked me to stretch my legs and shot my right leg. He shot the second leg but when I tried shifting the leg, it hit my tomb.”

Akinninbosun went on to show the gunshot wound on his legs to the court. According to him, one of the robbery suspects, Micheal Adikwu, was shot dead in his presence, a situation that got him terrified and made him agree to implicate Saraki in a prepared statement before the press.

The case has been adjourned till February 13, 2023.

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