A whole family including mother and daughter had been implicated in cash-in-transit heists


The main suspect was a 40-year-old man and his brother little did the police know it was a family business.
5 people were arrested for a series of cash-in-transit heists that took place a few months ago in Mpumalanga.

A 40-year-old former SANDF member, his younger brother, his wife, and two children were arrested after months of investigation.

His wife is a 38-year-old security officer. His 17-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter are all high-school dropouts.

The police were after the 40-year-old soldier and his brother but further investigation implicated the three unusual suspects. Their description matched the accomplices and their prints were found on some of the scenes.

Police said they were not shocked about the family part but the fact that even two females were part of the jobs.

The whole family plot and perform the heists together. Neighbours are claiming that the father took his children out of school to train them military skills.

R5 rifles, ammunition, explosives and duffel bags full of money were found buried in the yard.