“A man’s primary responsibility is to provide” – Chike says as he opens up on why he haven’t professed love for a woman

Chike Ose-buka, a former reality TV star and Afro-soul artist, recently spoke about his mental health and how he expresses love.

Chike discussed how he has successfully avoided scandals since breaking into the music industry five years ago in an interview with TheCable.

The talented singer credited his scandal-free record to his ability to find a middle ground and manage issues concerning his career.

Chike emphasized that anything has the potential to become scandalous, but it ultimately depends on the individuals involved and how they handle problems.

During the conversation, Chike clarified his statement about the fact that he doesn’t profess love to women.

Chike emphasized that he believes actions speak louder than words and that he considers himself more of an action-oriented person when it comes to expressing love.

The artist expressed his belief that a man’s primary responsibility is to be a provider, as actions that demonstrate love hold more weight than mere verbal expressions.

In his words;

“I have never said “I love you “. I guess for me that’s just too vulnerable. I get that feeling that it I say it, my bolz would shrink and maybe disappear. Happy I get to sing it though 😌.”

“I think that was misconstrued, but there are other languages for love: there is provision, there is presence, and I strive to score as high as 100 percent.

“A man’s primary responsibility to any significant other is to provide. Saying I love you without actual monetary presence or provision, I think it can be a prob-lem. Ah, you know they say when there is money, love is sweeter.”

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