A lady wrote her fellow titans “guess what our neighbor didn’t travel to London”


According to reports on social media, angry titan wrote to her fellow titans, our neighbor didn’t travel to London ooo, she traveled to Ghana, I got some information that she’s not in London but Ghana, so I quickly call a friend of mine based there to verify and she told me she’s in Ghana at Tarkodi where Ghaninan called small london😂😂😂😂.

Cold dey catch me😅😅, Jesus christ of Ikotekpene why all these fake life? You heard Tacha is traveling to London you quickly went to Ghana small London claiming your London. Chaii ohh my goodness London is London thou the spelling is the same.

But you see this lady here👇👇👇. She worth more than 60millions,you know why? Because she’s always herself and that’s why Titans will aksays stand by her, Tacha you’re indeed a child of grace.