A lady said before dialing her line, I must text to inform her that I want to call – Journalist says


A Nigerian journalist, Olalekan Paul has narrated an interesting encounter he had with a lady he was chatting with.

He revealed that she had insisted that he must send a text message to inform her that he is about to call before going ahead to dial her line. Olalekan who expressed disgust at her request, took to Twitter to share details of the incident while letting social media users know how he feels about her ‘weird’ request.

He wrote: “I remember talking to a babe and she said I must text her to inform her of calling before dialing her line. Kaa maa pade mo dear!” However, not much later, the lady in question identifying herself with Twitter account @meedei_ gave a reply to his tweet, stating that she had anxiety issues.

Lol! This is my sub. I was suffering from extreme anxiety at the time and phone calls made me nervous. I had begged you not to call and gave you only my WhatsApp no at first. You called me every 20 mins just to ‘greet’ me! I really hope we never meet too,” she wrote.