A guy gifts his girlfriend $100,000, a car and a house because she took care of him when he was broke


A social media user on Twitter has shared what her boyfriend did for her after standing by him when the guy had nothing.

This young guy has subsequently become the talk of the internet after gifting his girlfriend a $100,000.

Per what the lady shared, her boyfriend was once a broke guy, however, she had faith in him and stood by him throughout these hard times.

Now, this young guy is rich and he has decided to reward this lady for her act.
Read the lady’s tweet below;

“I remember taking my boyfriend for shopping nd splashing $10,000 on him because he can’t afford to pay. We changed our room materials.

Today, he has returned the money to me in 10 folds. I can’t stop crying. I love him so much. A house, car & now $100,000. What will I do wit all this.”