A girl will never tell you i love you but she can show you these signs


Good day!!

Today is love and romantic day, i will be writing some signs to notice if a girl is Madly in love with you.

Here we go.

1. Eyes contact : this is one of the major signs you can notice from a girl that really loves you she will always keep eyes on you till you have an eyes contact with her.

2. Smiling face : this is also a sign to notice, when ever you are around she will always keep her face cool and nice looking with smiles.

3. Opposite opinion : here is the moment when she feels likes getting close to you for good she will always oppose your opinions so as to get your attention.

4. Happy around : you will notice that when ever she is with you, you will always see her happy.

5. Close conversation : this moment is when you are far from her for little time she always talks about you and she won’t notice that. And she will always prefer to have a serious conversation with you a times.

So My friend if you have any girl that have been showing you this signs, don’t waste your valuable time thinking about how she will reply. Just go ahead and propose to her. The answer is yes!!!